Precision Metal Fabrication

We started Webster Precision Prodcuts because we saw the opportunity to give the customers something that just seemed to be missing in the fabrication world. Consistent quality and service. Co-Founder Dave Tierson has always embedded in me the following phrase: “Most of the metal fabricators have the same equipment and can produce the same parts. We need to give the customer a better part, on time and remain competitively priced.” At Webster Precision Products, we take this to heart. We realize that every customer, no matter their size, just wants to be serviced. So this is what you will get at Webster Precision Products. We know that every customer wants a quality part. This sometimes goes beyond the part being “dimensionally correct.” As the sign outside of inspection reads “Product ugliness will not be tolerated.” We also understand that our prices must remain competitive. We have an ERP software system that integrates the job from quoting to invoices so that we can accurately cost all manufactured orders. Any number of fabrication shops can make your parts. Here at Webster Precision Products you will just get more. Come give us a chance and “Experience Our Service.”

Rob Curtice