Our Mission

In March 2016, Webster Precision Fabrication was purchased by Rob Curtice and became Webster Precision Products. We still offer the same skill and quality workmanship that our customers have grown to expect.

Here at Webster Precision, we offer both experience and service. Our first 4 employees have a total of 115 years in the precision metal fabrication industry. Putting our customers’ needs first is our service. It is simple, we work for the customer. We have all of the equipment necessary to produce all facets of precision sheet metal fabrication including shear, punch, laser cutting, deburr, form, spot-weld, PEM installation, weld, finish grind, and machining. See our equipment list page for details.

Our real-time job control software ensures that your products are completed in a timely fashion as all operations are updated with what we have learned from previous runs. This also allows us to supply you with an immediate status of your orders through the fabrication process. Attention to quality is foremost in processing your order. We take pride in our skill and quality workmanship. As our motto states, “Experience our Service.”

Send us your requirements and Experience our Service for yourself. See what we can do for you!


Rob Curtice – President, started at Weco Metal in 1979 as a production helper, quickly moving up through the ranks. Punch press, spot-welding, drill press, brake press, turret press, saw are all machines that he has worked for countless hours. His strong aptitude for math lead him to inspection, blank layout, CNC programming, and Master Mechanic. His next step was estimating, engineering, and inside sales.

Using his experience and having worked with Dave Tierson for over 25 years, they have assembled an efficient shop to serve your metal fabrication needs.