The newest addition to the services provided by Webster Precision Products. Our Finishing department is ready to supply you with a pristine look on all of your parts!


Our facility provides a simple two-tank pretreatment option. Our two-in-one immersion cleaner and iron phosphate tank cleans steel, stainless, and aluminum to provide a clean part and allows for the best adhesion for our paint and powder coat. Our deionized rinse tank water is recycled through our 2-stage filter system that includes a carbon filter and ion resin cartridge to eliminate the waste caused by our pretreatment and decrease our carbon footprint. Our phosphate waste is baked and evaporated in order to dispose of it as non-hazardous waste.

Paint and Powdercoat

Webster Precision Products offers both powder coat and paint finishes for your part. Our painters are working each and every day to ensure the highest quality of finish for your project. We offer a variety of colors and textures and will work with you to ensure that you get your ideal finish.


Our screening department started it all. We recognized the demand for high quality and in Fall 2012, our screening department came to be, with powder coating and paint shortly after. Our screener will work with you to ensure that your artwork and images are displayed exactly how you imagined. We use CorelDraw to turn your artwork into the real thing! We accept and work with all kinds of file types including .ai, .jpg, and .pdf as well as much more!