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"If you are like most manufacturing or service organizations today then you require short lead times, reduced cost and quality that exceeds 98% all the time. This is typical of what my company requires. We have been successful since 1946 and continue to grow strong. How- by dealing with a supply chain that allows us to meet our customer's demands. A supplier that allows us to do quick prototype’s and bring those prototypes to market in record time- routinely. A supplier that even during these years of cost deductions being challenged by Global sources remains competitive. A supplier that owns the definition of FLEXIBILITY! The supplier- Webster Precision Fabrication. I recommend them to all my peers. I keep them a secret from my competitors. They are a shop to deal with for small orders and large orders of simple to complex fabrication. 1 stop shopping.

 Thank you Webster Precision for another great year." ​- MES 11/2016


"Webster Precision has been a great asset to our company. In this busy - no inventory atmosphere, they have remained flexible. They have allowed us to have quick turns by holding key inventory at a fair price. Webster has always provided top-notch products with excellent on-time delivery. What more can you ask of a supplier

Thanks, Webster Precision! Keep up the great work!"

Senior Buyer,
Rochester, NY
November 4, 2018